Short Plays

Three figures contort themselves as fractured light beams down on them.

“Three Histories of the Future”

Imagines a world in which time travel is accessible to anyone who wants to take another swing at the past. Developed for Klecksography 2019 at Rorschach Theatre Company.

“Trapped Like a You Know What”

The story of Bertie, a rat, who is trying to get Sam, his cage-mate, to go along with a hunger strike. Developed at William Inge Theatre Festival (2015), produced at FAU Theatre Lab (2016, pictured) and Carrollwood Players (2017).

The Queen holds a strategically placed feather fan over the King's

“The Emperor’s Big, Fat, Naked Revolution”

Spins a classic fairytale into a commentary on brash, blustery – and bare – politics. Selected for the DC Source Festival (2017).

A bearded man plays the guitar while his wife massages his shoulders.

“Shoulda Died Young”

A washed up musician has a chance to reconnect with the life he could have had. Selected by M.T. Pockets Theatre (2014).

Two women, seated,

“Stolen Danishes”

Two friends weigh up abandoning their traveling companion when his hijinks threaten to get them in trouble. Produced at the Bath Fringe Festival (2014).

A woman sits staring at a glowing orb; two others are behind her, and behind them is a screen full of

“The World is Watching”

Imagines (or predicts) a society in which our eyes, not Big Brother’s, are on each other at all times, and what lengths some will go to get even more attention. Produced by Texas Tech University (2014).

An male African revolutionary looks at the floor as a female American agent

“Leaving Zimbabwe”

The story of a young revolutionary struggling against the oppressive regime of former Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe, and the American operative who is trying to keep her young mark on the right path. Produced by Texas Tech University (2013).

Developed/In Development

“Iphigenia Come Home,” a mother-daughter clash based on Greek myth, Mid-America Theatre Conference (2014); “Our Man in Tashkent,” based on a true story, read at the Association for Theatre in Higher Education Conference (2013); “A Good Woman Waits,” a psychodrama based on Greek myth, Mid-America Theatre Conference (2013).