Production Dramaturgy

As a production dramaturg, I specialize in creating programs and materials that bridge the gap between the creative team and the audience, including lobby displays, digital content, and educational talkbacks.

The cast of the visit

The Visit (2019)

Working at the University of Maryland alongside Tony-winning lighting designer and director Brian MacDevitt, I created a dramaturgy website that provided background on the play, information for the cast, and behind-the-scenes content for the audience.

A sign that say's We

The Last Days of Judas Iscariot (2018)

For this production by the Lubbock Community Theatre, I created a “Purgatory” lobby display along the light-up seating area at the Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts. It introduced audience’s to both the cast and the playwright’s courtroom-esque setting.

Part of the poster for The Illusion, featuring a shadow figure in the ba

The Illusion (2014)

In preparation for Tony Kushner’s visit to Texas Tech, I created a study guide to be distributed to classes around campus, served as dramaturg to the great Jonathan Marks, and prepping our School’s director for a public interview with Kushner.