After Bend It Like Beckham

“After Bend It Like Beckham: Soccer in 21st Century Theatre and Performance” examines the cultural and political capital of the Beautiful Game as it plays out on the pitch and on the stage. I examine plays, reenactments, dance productions, and political activism that mobilize or contest the sport’s capacity to enact transformation, bearing in mind that these capacities are conditioned by systems of power that distribute access unevenly. This research has benefitted from several pivotal investments, including the Mary Savage Snouffer Dissertation Fellowship and a grant from the International Program for Creative Collaboration and Research.

Recent Presentations

In 2022, I presented my research on The Wolves at the Physical Cultural Studies Graduate Student Association Conference at the University of Maryland. This was an ideal opportunity to present my dramaturgical reading of the play to a new audience—to talk theatre with a sports audience, rather than sports with a theatre audience. If you’re viewing this on your phone or tablet, click the link below to download the PowerPoint for “Staging Politics in Practice: Risk and Representation in The Wolves.”

Highlights from the Blog

Several of my blog posts describe bits and pieces of the dissertation, including tangential subjects like Ted Lasso. A selection of those posts is below; check out the Blog for more!